The figure is made up of a cylinder and 2 cones. What is the volume of the composite figure? Use 3.14 for r. Round to thenearest hundredth.4 mm2 mm5 mm2 mmRecall the formulas V=Bhandmm3​

Accepted Solution

Answer:   87.92 mm³Step-by-step explanation:The area of the base of the cylinder and cones is the same for all, the area of a circle of radius 2 mm:   B = π·r² = 3.14·(2 mm)² = 12.56 mm²If we call the heights of the lower cone, cylinder, and upper cone h1, h2, and h3, respectively, then the total volume is ...   V = (1/3)Bh1 + Bh2 + (1/3)Bh3Here is is convenient to factor out B and also 1/3, so we have ...   V = B(h2 + (1/3)(h1 +h3))   V = (12.56 cm²)·((5 +(2+4)/3) cm) = 7·12.56 cm³   V = 87.92 cm³