Determine which characteristics are true of vertical angles

Accepted Solution

Answer: First option: Yes. Second option: Yes. Third option: No. Fourth option: Yes.Step-by-step explanation: By definition, vertical angles are formed when two lines intersect. They share a common vertex and they are non-adjacents angles (adjacent angles are those  have a common side and a common vertex. They are supplementary, which means that their sum is 180°); therefore they are opposite to each other. Vertical angles are congruent, which means that they have equal measure. The sum of the two pairs of vertical angles formed by the intersection of the lines, is 360°.  Observe the intersecting lines"A" and "B" in the picture attached. Notice that four angles are formed. Based on the characteristics of vertical angles, we can conclude that: [tex]\angle1[/tex] and [tex]\angle3[/tex] are vertical angles. [tex]\angle2[/tex] and [tex]\angle4[/tex] are vertical angles.