Car-Skin Paint Protection Stage 2

Car-Skin Paint Protection Stage 2


Paint Protection - 250ml

Treatment Stage 2

This is the Protection procedure

Methods of use:


The Product must only be applied to cold dry paintwork

Apply the product using a cloth or buffering machine again using a medium foam pad.

The product can be applied to a manageable sized panel at a time, i.e. a complete wing or a full bonnet, do not apply to areas larger than these at the same time.

Make sure that all of the paintwork is treated, any areas missed will be left un-protected.

Leave the applied product for two to three minutes before wiping clean with a cloth or buffering off the product again using a medium foam pad.

After all the panels have been treated with the sealant, finally wipe with a very soft cloth, to give you the brilliance and colour depth you thought impossible to achieve.

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