Car-skin Paint Protection Pre Treatment Stage 1

Car-skin Paint Protection Pre Treatment Stage 1


Paint Protection

Pre-Treatment Stage 1


This is the 'Correction' procedure.

Discover just how easy it is to remove all the debris, i.e. oxididised paint, tree sap, bird lime marks, swirl marks from wax polishing, from your vehicles bodywork.

**The only rules are that the metal must be COLD AND DRY, NO work should be carried out in direct sunlight.**

Using the very latest in technology, Car-Skin Paint Pre-Treatment Stage 1, is childs play to use.

Commence by applying a small amount of product to an area about two square feet in size, preferably using a micro fiber cloth or buffing machine ( using a medium foam pad). After gently rubbing or buffing the area, wipe off the surplus product with a clean cloth, continue doing this until you are perfectly satisfied with the resultant clarity and depth of colour and the shine obtained at this stage. Continue with this procedure until all the painted surfaces are treated, we suggest that you treat the side windows and rear screen glass, inside and outside ,

** but under NO circumstance should the windscreen be touched ** **

Please note that this product contains NO free Silicone** Once completed, the bodywork is now ready for the application of its Protection coat.

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