Car-Skin Final finish

Car-Skin Final finish


Final Finish 


Final Finish, is technically a very advanced formulation of polymers which result in a fantastic, long lasting, better than showroom shine.

It provides great depth of colour and intensity to the paintwork, it is also resistant to soapy detergent type shampoos, and is also resistant to UV and salt. We would recommend that Final Finish is used as a 'top off' at the end of using Car-Skins Paint Protection system, but it can also be used independently.

It is simplicity itself to apply, no physical effort is required, just apply sparingly to all the paintwork, preferably with a micro fiber applicator pad or cloth and leave to dry. Simply wipe over the paintwork with a soft clean cloth to leave the paintwork with a shine you would have not thought possible.

Their is no dusty, chalky residue from this product.

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